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 BS group your warning

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PostSubject: BS group your warning   Sun Jul 24, 2011 10:27 pm

Ritza had made a good piont!!!!!!

Quote :
Ritza said(On ITreborn forumS)-
Dear BS Members,

You have been reported countless times by other members, and every time you insist that you are being set up, used, blamed, harassed, and stalked. But every time you are asked to provide evidence, you do not provide, you have no screenshots, and we never get any in our PM's or on the forum talking about this so called "abuse" if you cannot provide evidence for us to do something about these so called "stalkers" then you have no case. And we won't go around banning people simply because "you said so, so it MUST be true."

Now, we have asked you to change your group tag so people would stop following you, and stalking you, and when they report you, it would be because it's your username but not your tag. But what do we get in return? You swear at us, flame, troll, etc. Please do not tell me you didn't, three out of the four admin's where there, as well as all the in game moderators besides one. We //all// saw what you did, and we have the screenshots of it to. Now we have banned your leader, and a few others for their constant trouble making, and the constant reports we have been receiving, and we have talked with you all as a group multiple times to keep out of trouble, and yet you don't heed our warnings, finally we crack down and we ban someone and what do you guys do?

You hack the server. Yes you code and hack, and yes we have proof of this, and yes we banned all those we caught coding and hacking. (There are signs that we are trained to look for.) Even on your alt accounts, it doesn't hide who you are. And yes, I will quote one BS member Lissy, "Yes Lexi was coding the server." Yes we were absolutely right, no our training does not fail us, so please don't act like it does. Your revenge has failed, the server has not crashed once on your multiple assults on the server.

First - The code to make everyone get attacked in default though no one was there attack.
Second - The code to make all the animals die in VP and HP
Third - Coding a private map to alter official game files to ruin game play.
Fourth - Item Farming
Fifth - Heavy swearing and profanity...again.

Must I really go on? Now, you can complain all you like, the staff is completely right in this situation to ban all those that cause trouble here on the forum, and there in the game, now the ban list only used to have five hackers on it, and now it's joined by regular BS members, and their alt accounts as you try to "seek revenge" and ruin game play for everyone else just because you don't get your way. So this is your ultimatum, from the staff team, to you, since we are all once again on the same boat.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~You either follow the rules or leave~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Now, none of the other members or rp groups have been getting this type of call out so to speak, you really aren't any different, and yet you think you should be treated different because "everyone is out to get you." Now you have been warned by all four administrators, you can say we're corrupt all you want, you can complain as much as you want, but when other staff teams: WolfQuest, WolfTeam, Feral Heart, the first Impressive Title staff team, (WolfQuest went as far as to ban "Blood Packs" packs that just go out to troll and abuse other members.) and now This staff team, says that you guys are becoming a serious problem, it's not a lie, nor is it people bullying you. So here's what I want...

- Stop swearing
there are billions of words in the english language, and if all you can think of is the F bomb, I suggest you go back to college writing or a preschool level English class.

- Stop harassing other members.
okay yeah, self explanatory, I can't count the reports that I have received of you guys cussing someone out.

- Stop Trolling
Stop coming on default to swear, flame, act extremely sexual, and troll other members. Don't even do it in highly populated maps, I would prefer the lesser populated maps, at least that would be an improvement. There's also party chat, which no one else can see, so use it.

- Stop arguing with the staff.
We tell you to stop swearing. Don't sit there and argue with us about how it wasn't a hard cuss word, sorry F bomb is a swear bomb, I don't care what country we come from. We all know it is, even the Russians are aware and they have a language barrier and they still follow this rule better than some of you guys. :/ Sad but true.

- Stop acting like this is a NC17/R rated game
This game is meant for all ages, even 8 year old, so that means, if you want to make it NC17 get yoru own server, get the source code, and put up IT there with some thing on the title screen saying how inappropriate it actually is, and if you're under 18 to not come in because you can be sued for that.

Now, for the remaining BS members, if you can follow these simply things, that are already in the rules, feel free to stay. But if you can't, please leave, and be quiet while you do it, and try not to code the server on your way out. Follow the rules or leave.

Now other members, please leave them alone, this shouldn't be a reason to harass them, just people have been saying we've been picking on BS, or "poor BS" but there's a reason why we have been watching them so hard. I think the community now has a right to know, so please do leave them alone, and try to not speak to them if you have nothing positive to say.

((Staff if you have anything else to add, please do. ))

!!!! I have caught this myself
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BS group your warning
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